EVENT LAB [beta]

EVENT LAB [beta] is a 6-week highly engaging and interactive approach to learning best practices in Event Planning and Event Business in a virtual setting. The best way to learn is through reflecting, watching and doing.

here’s what we cover


Week 1-3: Back to Planner Basics

EVENT LAB [beta] encourages Event Planners to bring an existing event to play with during the first three weeks of EVENT LAB [beta]. Starting with a clear event purpose and intention will set you up for planning success.

Learn how to create an event that achieves specific objectives for the host or client. Design a planning process that incorporates budgeting, project management, communication and evaluation tools.


Week 4-6: Event Business

If you are thinking of starting an Event Business, recently launched or need to reconnect to your business goals, EVENT LAB [beta] is the perfect program to feel confident in taking the next steps of your business.

Learn how to build a business with a laser focused mission and vision, setting stretchy business goals, evaluating your services and selling with confidence.


Interactive Curriculum

EVENT LAB [beta] is an interactive and in-person 6-week program encouraging you to DO, WATCH and REFLECT. We all learn differently. The intention of each week is to align with the unique way you learn.

Week 1-3 you will be using an existing event (or creating one) and week 4-6 you will be working on your own Event Business.

You Will Receive 

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Content Focused to Give You Confidence and Knowledge to Plan an Event  

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Extensive and in-depth Event Planning learned from over 10 years of Event Planning

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Business Foundation Basics of taught by The Planner Collective


Here’s How It Works


How does the Program work?

EVENT LAB [beta] is a fully engaging program for event planners seeking to gain event planning knowledge and business knowledge. The program highly encourages you to bring an existing event to tweak and business strategy to implement.

When and Where is the program offered?

There are currently two times being offered. Daytime EVENT LAB [beta] Tuesday’s at Noon CST and an Evening EVENT LAB [beta] Tuesday’s at 5:30 CST. The program is offered virtually through Zoom.

What is the time investment of this program?

You will invest roughly 10 hours in up-leveling your event planning knowledge and event business.

Is this course for any Event Planner?

EVENT LAB [beta] is open to all. The program will give amazing support to Event Planners of all levels and Event Business owners (current and soon to be!).


How do I save my seat?

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot in the program.

I can't afford it right now, will it be offered later?

EVENT LAB [beta] will not be offered again at this reduced price. The price is set at $197 to gain feedback of the course.

What will I receive when I am done with this course?

You will receive the basics of event planning to make an event purposeful and intentional, as well as the basics of owning an event business.

How do I sign up?

If you are a “hell yes” for your personal growth and joining, submit an inquiry. Jess will chat with you to see if this course is the right fit for your goals.


EVENT LAB [beta] Curriculum Plan

EVENT LAB [beta] is a place for you to stretch into new areas of event knowledge and play with an existing event. It is an engaging program for Event Planners of all levels to connect back to the basics of intentional event planning and business basics.


course overview


Week 1 - DO! Create an Event Vision & Purpose with Your Client

Week 2 - WATCH! Project & Time Management for Event Planners

Week 3 - REFLECT! Marketing and Promoting Your Event*


Week 4 - DO! Determine Your Niche & Services*

Week 5 - WATCH! Relationship Based Selling Strategy

Week 6 - REFLECT! Setting Money Goals & Taking Action

*EVENT LAB [beta] encourages event planners to bring an event to practice with and a business challenge to take action on in the six week course.


Yes! I want to join EVENT LAB [beta].