Which Social Media Platforms Book The Ideal Client?

Dear Jess,

I am curious to know what platform you get the most interest/ e-inquiries from. There are so many platforms and too little time!

Sincerely – Pressed for Time Planner


Hey Pressed for Time Planner,

I feel you! So many platforms, so little time–well stated. So many of the new social media platforms I don’t even use, I don’t have time to understand the integration into my business or don’t have interest in adding more on my plate.

Before I launch into my personal #bts, it should be noted that every business uses social media differently. As a business it’s important to determine early on to set objectives, strategy and understand where ideal client ‘live’ on social media.

I will discuss the platforms I use below and link to a few useful time saving applications AND give you my unbranded social media template.  The excel template is used to fill all my text, links and content so I can easily upload using hootsuite.

Here is the #bts on what works for my business and where I find the most interaction

I know! WHAT? LinkedIn is my dark horse social media platform that generates so much quality referral and lead generation. I have put a lot of time and effort into keeping up on my profile, connecting and amassing a following. Since I deal with a service based product, Linkedin is great for my business. I mainly post as my personal profile. I tried to gain traction with a company profile, but I didn’t find success there. I found major success interacting in closed interest groups.

Posting: Daily 2-3 Times

Interacting: Daily on Business Relevant Forums

Yes, Facebook (for better or worse) yields very high quality referrals for my business. Since Facebook is positioning itself as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your connecting needs it is imperative for me to integrate part of my business to the platform. In a way, as a small business owner our dependence upon the platform is required. Facebook is an unstoppable tech and can’t be ignored to engage my ideal client. I use the backend user analytics to analyze the best day/times to post. I also post and comment on business relevant Facebook closed groups.

Posting: Daily

Interaction: Daily

Instagram is a platform that I found so much positive interaction and leads in my early days of my business, and then Facebook purchased Instagram, the algorithm modified and the BIG move to dismantle chronological posting made it more difficult to break through in posting. I have had success with Instagram, but not to the extent of Facebook and LinkedIn. It is more for vendor engagement and DM. I also use switched all of my profiles to business profiles to access user analytics to review posting days/times/demographics. I have tried different ways to interact with users, more hashtags/less hashtags/tagging users, it’s all an experiment!

Posting: Once every 3 days

Interactions: Daily likes/commenting/Direct Messaging

Social media is a cat and mouse game sometimes, but it is all about consistency and giving your followers added benefits and value. Have fun and remember to add personal facetime to your online strategy.


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