Thinking About Hosting an Event?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a music festival here in Wisconsin, which I love! CONFESSION: It’s hard for me to attend events because I’m always looking at everything, seeing how things are done differently, how the signage is put up, etc.

I was obsessed with how the screens where put up at the front of the stage, so my friend and I walked up together and where checking it all out. I love the inner workings of an event, how everything comes together and it just gets me excited.

Events need to have intention to create purpose and action, work through the top 3 questions + bonus question, helpful tips and sub questions if you are someone who wants to plan an event, has an idea for an event or is interesting in planning an event.

  1. What impact or outcome is my event creating?

    • What do I want my community to takeaway from my event?

    • How do I want my community to feel when leaving my event?

    • What do I want my community to think when leaving my event?

  2. What is my budget?

    • How much money do you have to commit to creating an amazing event?

    • In-Person Event: (More costly)

      • AV

      • Space

      • Food

      • Decor

      • Printing

      • etc.

    • Virtual Event:

      • Hosting platform

      • Email communication

      • Backend social media

  3. What is the call to action when someone leaves my event?

    • What do you want someone to do when they are done with your event?

    • Do you want them to funnel into a coaching program?

    • Are you looking to give them resources for the community?

    • This is important because people attend events in-person or virtually for a reason. They are looking to get something out of the event and they want something to takeaway.

+BONUS. Will anyone come to my event?

  • Do you have a community who is ready?

  • Ready to commit to the program?

  • Ready to commit to a membership community?

  • Ready to make an impact in their community?

  • Have you served, nurtured and communicated with your desired community?

  • Do you know what you communities pain points are?

If you don’t have your community that’s why we are here, to help guide you to find your community and serve them well. Comment below which of the top 4 questions you have struggled with throughout your event planning process. And let us know what has worked for you when you’ve felt stuck!

The Planner Collective is a boutique event planning agency in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We support entrepreneur babes to build community and feel empowered on the daily. We specialize in retreat/corporate event planning + virtual event planning + boss babe weddings.