The Power of Outcome Focusing in Your Event

How many times have you started an activity in your business….to find yourself working on something different 5 minutes later. I like to call it ‘shiny object syndrome’. You might think, ‘I only have so much TIME to work, so I need to do as MUCH AS POSSIBLE’. In working from this approach, we hinder our productivity and don’t feel like we are ever moving the needle in our business.  Time isn’t the issue, it’s how we manage the activities in our day.

I recently hosted a workshop to focus on productivity in your business. If you missed it, catch the replay below. Does this resonate with you? I am offering a 30 minute chat to all my event planner friends who are ready to grow an idea into a profitable event business.

Key Takeaways from Workshop:

  1. You have all the time you need to work on anything. It’s all about prioritizing.

  2. Get out of your own way!

  3. Focus on HIGH IMPACT/URGENT activities to move the needle

  4. Where you are today and where you want to be in 6 months is about managing your activities

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