Take Your Event to the Next Level with Value & Emotion

When I first started my own business, I discounted the power of referrals to grow my business. I wouldn’t ask others for a referral…that was too forward and scary. However, I would welcome new clients with open arms who heard of my work from others.

My books started to fill once the game of ‘telephone’ started. Word got out about my services and I booked corporate events and filled a gap.

But I still felt there was something missing to my approach.

The missing piece was actively mining for REFERRALS.  I got more intentional and aligned in how I present by business to my community and the world. I proudly and confidently talk about my work and connect to my value by serving my ideal client. If something is ‘off’ in your sales approach–evaluate.  

2 Steps That Will Take Your Event to the Next Level

Give Value

First, you give something of value to the referral-giver before asking for anything in return. This is called the ‘give to get’ model (G2G). In order for this to be true, you must fully believe that the only way to get a referral is to serve and earn the trust of a new client.

A great example of G2G is free samples in the store. It is done to expose you to the product and trigger the law of reciprocation.  

Create Emotional Triggers  

There are a handful of words that guarantee an emotional response. Where you will gain the most traction is focusing in on what your client actually WANTS.Think about it for a minute, not every prospective client purchases what they need, but they find a way to invest in what they want.


Product neutral: I want prestige in everything I invest in  

Emotional: I want to feel proud of my event

Below the surface: I won’t tell you any information unless I trust you

Based on perception: I decide what feels prestigious in my event

How are you serving your prospective client? How are you crafting a unique narrative for each interaction? A wedding client will be very different from a corporate client. Find language that resonates with your ideal client.

A majority of event clients seek ‘experience driven, unique, assist and keeping within budget’. As an example to build trust and trigger a key emotional response in a 1 on 1 meeting, after your client describes their wants, you say:

‘Before I get specific about our wedding packages, let me first say they are experience driven, unique to you, removes any overwhelm and keeps you within budget. Now, let me describe where I see you….’

Bottom line, prospective clients are much more likely to invest in your services with a business who understands what they want. This comes from listening and serving your ideal client.  

Use this as a template for your next referral. Need more support on your sales approach? Schedule a Breakthrough Session with me and we will talk about three of your biggest challenges and how to disrupt your pattern. 


Rooting for you!

Founder + Owner, The Planner Collective

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