Take Time for YOU When Planning an Event

Life is pretty demanding. We are constantly on the go and there comes a time when you need a break. Correction, you DESERVE a break. Maybe it’s one blissful hour away from your phone or computer that entails reading a book or binge watching a new episode of your favorite show. Or it can be an entire day off where you just relax and have a self-care day. Heck, maybe it’s an entire weekend! Whatever type of break it is, just know you deserve it. 

If you are taking an entire day or weekend off, you should not be thinking about work or an event! We are always connected and doing something. This is the time to do something for yourself! Maybe it’s going away with your friends. Maybe it’s spending time with a loved one or family. Whatever it is, take that time for YOU. Your business will be there when you get back. Your work will not leave you if you leave it for 24 hours. Before you take some time off, here are a few tips to ensure you have all bases covered when your phone and computer are powered off:

  • Set an automatic away email for your clients to know you are out of the office

  • Assign any tasks to your VA that they can handle when you are taking some “me time”

  • Create a post for social media saying you are out of the office, but be sure to include the date you will be back

Now to the fun stuff, the relaxing and the “me” focus. Here are our favorite ways to de-stress and take time for ourselves:

  • Plan a day or weekend trip

    • Living in Wisconsin, there are so many beautiful places to explore. Door County is a crowd favorite. There’s beaches, excellent cuisine, wineries and breweries, and of course shopping. Head down to Milwaukee to explore the Third Ward. Go to La Crosse to hike the bluffs. Wherever you are, there is beauty. Go find it and enjoy it.

  • Plan a spa day

    • Pamper yourself, you boss babe! You are constantly working for others, and it is time to do some work for yourself. Get your hair done. Go get a manicure or pedicure, heck do both! Massage or facial? Sign us up. You can even do these from the quiet of your home. Run to Target, get some sheet masks, nail polish, and bath bombs, and relax away. These little ways can relieve so much stress, and you feel extra special. 

  • Cook/Bake

    • A budget friendly way to relax. Maybe you have been “pinning” tons of recipes that you want to try, but don’t have the time to actually make them. Here is the chance to do so! Baking and cooking can be therapeutic. Trying a new recipe can be even more fun, and you can share your new creation with friends and family! 

  • Sleep

    • Ah, the best way to relax. Sleep. All boss babes deserve a day or two to sleep in, or take a midday nap. Curl up in your bed with a million blankets and your diffuser blasting lavender next to you. Slip on your most comfortable pajamas or lounge clothes and just rest. Maybe you bring your favorite book to bed, or lay in bed watching Netflix or Hulu. Whatever you do, just get some rest. Recharge for the next day or week. This is also one of the only free ways to remove yourself from work stress. 

But what if you feel you don’t deserve that break? What if you are working in overdrive trying to accomplish every task on your list? That’s the best time to give yourself that small time away from it all. Just one hour away from your phone and computer. When you are working in overdrive, you are putting more stress on yourself, making the work feel even more taxing than before. What if you stepped outside and took a walk? Clear your head, watch a funny video, talk to your person. These are all ways to relieve stress in small doses, receive the support you need for the time being. Taking time for yourself can seem like a big thing to do. And it is! But it is so important to give yourself that self-care time to bring you back to center. Time off can help recharge those creative batteries to get your boss babe mind thinking about new ideas. 

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