Step Into Your Planner Power

The Five Day Planner Power Challenge brought up so many amazing topics for you to step into your strength and grow as a professional event planner. If you missed it, you can grab the replay here!

The challenge took us through personal self assessment, how to assess workload, taking action on business dreams and how to evaluate your experiences for growth. It was powerful to hear from you how this challenge impacted your everyday actions, allowing you to position yourself from a place of growth.

It is so important for me to impart why I am challenging you to get outside of your professional comfort zone in this Planner Power Challenge. As an event planner I heard the following comments regularly:

  • ‘Event planning sounds so fun!’

  • ‘Event planning can’t be that hard…’

  • ‘You get paid to plan events?’

I took comments at face value. The person saying these things had no idea how much work actually goes into planning and executing an event.  It wasn’t until I took on leadership positions to plan elaborate events, I had to step into my own power and learn how to communicate my value that was more than ‘just a planner’. 

As Event Planners, we have the amazing opportunity to bring our true self, experience and knowledge to every event, allowing our inner leader to shine.

Five Ways That Will Help You Step Into Your Planner Power

  1. Self Awareness: Self Awareness helps to improve and Understand your own emotions and self regulate disruptive emotions.

  2. Work Assessment: Assessing what you can truly accomplish in an hour, a day or month is all about time management and how much trust you have in yourself and your business vision.

  3. Plan Your Growth: You are full of talents and skills, it’s time to see yourself fully developed in your career successes and progress of your business

  4. Take Action: Take action on your business goals and not just spin your wheels in tasks.

  5. Self Evaluation: You can deepen the experience of your own life in an honest and authentic way

Stepping into your power is a journey and allows you to expand your life in a way that is a true version of your best self.

Wanna step into your planner power, but not sure how? I am inviting you to a 30 minutes in a breakthrough strategy session to tackle your top 3 event priorities. This session will allow you to stay motivated in the face of any challenge.

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Rooting for you,




The session is totally for you (and every planner!) to be your best self.