Six Ways To Be an ‘In Demand’ Planner

Ever wonder how fellow Planners are ‘In Demand’ and others aren’t? It isn’t because they have the perfect pricing or the highest converting website.

The secret to their success isn’t the outer game, it’s all the inner game. The successful planners buck the comparison game, set the standard and accept their business expectations and themselves.

What is ‘Inner Game’?

Your inner game is the opinion you have of yourself (your self esteem) and the pursuits in life that make you interesting and successful. This all contributes to your self confidence.

Six Ways You Can Step Up Your Inner Game 

Responsibility. Successful business owners take 100 percent responsibility for actions, instead of playing the “blame game” and having a victim mentality of, “Something bad always happens to me.” Instead, successful business planners are encouraged to own their “part” — and the impact of their attitude and behaviors.

Authenticity. It can seem scary or humiliating to express how you feel. But the desire to express what’s really going on and be true to yourself is an important step in increasing your success. A successful business owner is more effective when you can genuinely express feelings and emotions.

Integrity. Do your words match your actions? Most of us want to do this – we have great intentions. And it can be challenging. The more consistently you do this, the more you can build trust in yourself and trust relationships with our team.

Appreciation. How much do you appreciate others and ourselves? How can you grow your ability to lead your business based on what’s working rather than what the problems are?

Navigating the unknown. It’s common — when we don’t understand something in business, or when we feel tight about looking at any issue — to restrict our own creativity and block access to solving the problem altogether.

Energy. Energy is the fuel that gives you the motivation to keep trekking from idea to execution. It’s the willingness to want and to allow others around you to want, which fuels motivation and emotional commitment.

Just by being here, in the Collective, you have taken committed action to living a financially sustainable and passionate life for your event business.

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