Practice Stress Free Productivity For Your Event

Let’s be honest. We are always connected. Sometimes it just stresses me out thinking about all the ways someone can connect with me. But that means our ‘work stuff’ meshes with our ‘life stuff’ and the boundaries aren’t clear.

My dad told me something the other day that really resonated with me. He is a ‘baby boomer’ and would be considered ‘late majority’ on the adoption of new technology. With the invention of the cell phone, he intentionally waited to bring one into his life. Why? Because he knew it would make him available 24/7 to his employees and take him even further from being present with his family. That was in the early 90’s.

So, how can we be present in our life and still feel productive with everything we have going on in our life and work?

  1. Old Ways of Doing Things Are Holding You Back

    You might have an outdated process or no process at all. Now is the perfect time to review what is going well (and what isn’t) in your process. I started using the ‘one touch method’ and it has changed my business and life!

  2. Big Picture vs. To Do List

    My brain always defaults to ‘big picture thinking’. It takes a lot of energy for me to do tasks. I realize this about myself and use a reward system to make sure I do task work in my business.

  3. Getting ‘Stuff’ Off Your Mind

    Our brain is cluttered with a whole mess of to do items. Have you used the Eisenhower Method to declutter your to-do list and make it a to-done list?!

Managing Your Action

What you DO with your time, what you DO with information, and what you DO with your body and your focus is relative to your priorities. So, the real question is…how do you manage your forward movement?

When I feel most productive is when I am making forward progress. You might be the same. When we say we ‘don’t have time’, really analyze the ‘time’ you mean. Most challenges come up with figuring out next steps to your project. This tells our brain we don’t have time. Breaking down a project is overwhelming, and if we haven’t done it before–it’s even worse. But when you think each step in a project takes one or two minutes, it feel much less overwhelming.

‘Things rarely get stuck because of lack of time. They get stuck because the steps have not been defined.’

The real problem isn’t time, it’s lack of clarity and definition about what a project actually is and the next steps.

 Get It All Out Of Your Head

There is no real way to achieve ‘relaxed’ control over your productivity without getting everything out of your brain and taking action. The big problem is that your brain keeps reminding you of all the things you should do. Our brains don’t think in past and present. Everything you’ve told your brain you should do, it thinks you need to to them in this moment.

This mental stress is common for a lot of people, especially event planners, and we don’t even realize we are ‘in’ it. You can retrain your brain to relieve pressure and get you on the road to productivity.

‘It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head’ – Sally Kempton

Can I really get rid of this stress? YES! You bet. 

Self CareJess Hopp