how to get what you really want from your event planning experience

Raise your hand if you ever told someone ‘yes’ when you actually meant ‘hell no’.

Yep! Me too.

Leading events for over 10 years, I constantly found myself bending over backwards to accommodate because that is what every other event planner did, too. It was an endless cycle of not standing in my worth as an event planner, not setting boundaries, burning myself out and not accessing the confidence to say ‘no’.

Tips to Build Your Confidence to say ‘No’

Set Your Own Ground Rules

You know how you want your business relationships to be structured, and create habits that enforce that vision. If you really want to create a relationship that works for everyone you work with.

Communicate Your Ground Rules to Clients/Vendors

What is even more important, is when everyone respects your boundaries. You don’t have to justify the change, but sometimes sharing a little background information can help clear up any assuming or confusion.  

Always Be Consistent

We are creatures of habit! The best way to create a positive habit is by doing something consistently. If you let a boundary that you set slide, or creep in, you can note how it happened and you get to start again.

Be your Genuine Self

We tend to have different personas at work and at home. What if you embrace the parts of you that come together to create the whole package. You may be surprised how easy it is to put forward the best you to create and enforce your personal boundaries. Be consistent and honest in all of your relationships.

How Did I Break the Cycle and Get What I Want?

I took stock of my personal values, along with actions in my work, and I found a huge disconnect. I broke the cycle of pleasing others by finding a community and building a tribe of women who felt the same way I was feeling and started to live my life in full connection.

Everything I am writing about is common to women in any industry. The burnout, the people pleasing, the non-stop hustle. I want you to know there is something different waiting for you. This is why I created an event planning certification course to give you the mentorship, community and event basics to get what you really want planning an event.

This blog topic of setting boundaries is covered is in module three of the event certification course. I never saw myself starting a certification course in Event Planning basics, I thought, what do I have to offer that isn’t already out there.  

Now, I feel differently. The #1 struggle of event planners is they don’t feel confident planning an event.

If I had a course like this 10 years ago, I would not have struggled for 5 of the years planning events that aligned with someone else’s values of hustle and people pleasing.


Confidence is Key

Event Planning 101 is a certification course to help you get in tune with your clients needs (Nonprofit board, boss, external client), learn the foundation of event planning and ultimately, gain confidence as an event planner.

I go over a thorough understanding of how events work, why people and companies host events, how the industry is configured, how to strategically plan and coordinate a typical event from A to Z.

I will go over everything from, how to outline event planner responsibilities, how to co-create an event vision with a client, dive into project and priority management, site selection and design, guests and logistics and even how to market your event.

I can’t wait for you to experience this certification launching in December and get what you REALLY want as an event planner.    


Founder+Lead Planner

MotivationJess Hopp