How To Get Event Ideas Off The Ground

Do you have event ideas, but are not sure how to get them off the ground?


I have been in the event planning atmosphere for many years and throughout those years I have enjoyed watching the evolution of events, how themes and common locations have changed. As we get more into technology and providing a high level experience for the attendees, the foundation or the basics of how to build an event hasn't changed. We are going to chat about the foundation of events and dig deep into those deeper questions known as the origin of events below.


When I have people reach out to me about an event they would like to have, I first back up and ask them about the intention, mission and purpose in their event. I do this because an event with meaning behind it really gives the full affect for the attendees and the event holder.

  1. When your attendees come to your event what do you want them to take away?

    • Do you have a specific message?

  2. Is there a process to your event?

    • Meaning should it happen in a specific order?

  3. What’s happening when you are establishing an event?

    • What are you doing behind the scenes to make the event work?

  4. What do you need to do so that your call to action is clear for your attendees?

The purpose of an event is to funnel someone or a group of people into what you want to create. An event is a great way to show people what you do and what you are about, however it needs to be structured so that people know there is a call to action or that there is a take away. Purpose in an event gives the audience a direct guide to take action towards something they can be apart of even after the event is over.

Share below the intention, mission and purpose of your event. Or if you are struggling finding the intention, mission and purpose visit our website for more information on all things The Planner Collective.