How to Create Consistent Paydays as a Solo Event Planner

The biggest block getting in the way of Event Planner in The Planner Collective starting their own event planning business is the fear they won’t generate an income comparable to a salaried position.

I agree, that is a big fear I had too.

It stopped me so many times from calling myself an entrepreneur. Not to mention the preconceived notion that as an entrepreneur, if I wasn’t working 80+ hours a week I was failing my business. I felt I wasn’t hustling enough.

The Business Breakthrough

The turn around came when I realized I needed a community to support me when I had wins, and support me when I fell down.

See, I had this other limiting belief that entrepreneurship was a business of ‘one’. If I didn’t generate a six figure salary in 4 months, I really thought I failed.

I have to be honest. It really took 12 months before I realized I needed help.

Twelve months of sky high expectations, hustling and having no true support system.

My first year in entrepreneurship didn’t go as planned.

I am telling you this to give you a moment to reflect.
Am I being too hard on myself? (Probably)
Do I need support from others? (Yes)
How has it been going doing everything alone? (I guess….draining)

Are you at burnout from events or running a business alone?

Now that you have had time to reflect, it’s time to pick up that pitty party and put you in the driver’s seat to consistent paydays.

Are you speaking from a place of authenticity?

Being an authentic entrepreneur is hard! That’s why most don’t do it. It takes time to self reflect and implement. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be vulnerable in our business, so we stop.

This is where the magic happens!

Here are a few ways you can hop into authentic action:
– On social media platforms, don’t seek to compare or mimic your competition. If you aren’t not being true to your ideal client, they will see right away that the messages are meant for someone else.
– Inserting personal interests is my favorite way to be memorable. If you enjoy donuts, mac & cheese or running — make a way to tell your business story with these elements.
– Be true to your passion. If you aren’t fulfilled by day-of coordination and would like to specialized in luxury weddings, now is the time to pivot. Clients can tell when you aren’t authentic in your passion. Would you want someone planning your event who wasn’t 100% invested?

I am so excited to live my dream every day and operate my business in a way that brings me purpose. I want you to know I see this for you, too.

It’s time for you to get out of your own way to unlock your planner potential and create consistent paydays. Learn more about the program to see how it will transform your business.

Rooting for you!