Five Reasons WHY You Need to Host a Virtual Event for Your Business

Before you need to know WHY a virtual event is something you need to consider, let’s chat about WHAT a virtual event event is to your business.

WHAT is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an online event with a pre-launch / launch / post launch. This can look like an online webinar, challenge, virtual summit or e-course.

WHY host a Virtual Event?

We like to say ‘meet them where they are’....and your ideal client is online. Alot. So, why not go directly to your client and create a very intimate opportunity to learn more about your business and your mission in an online space. Technology is now allowing opportunities to arise that will support your business goals in ⅓ of the time and for ⅓ of the cost of an in-person event.

You may be wondering “why host a virtual event?” I have the answers for you! Our world is evolving, especially in how we meet people, connect, share and grow a business. With a virtual event, you can share your skills in a wider space, and expand your sphere of clients. With a virtual event, you are not limiting yourself to those who live in your community; it can become a world-wide event that ANYONE can access, all in one click!

Here are our five reasons to host a virtual event:

1.  Budget Friendly

·      Planning an event can be expensive. You have to think about location, refreshments, potential decorations, gift bags, and the list goes on. All that can add up! But with a virtual event, you do not have to break the bank. Find an event platform or service provider that best fits your event and compare the prices.

2. Convenience

·      We get it, people live busy lives! (Ourselves included!) With a virtual event, viewers can join in from the convenience of their own home or wherever they are located. With various platforms, viewers can join wherever they want.

3. Larger Audience

·      With a virtual event, the world is your oyster! You are not confined to one area. You can have viewers from all around the country to attend your event. What makes this great is that you are getting your word out beyond the borders that are put up from living in a certain area. Not only are you educating others around the world, but others are benefiting from your knowledge and can spread the word about your expertise.

4. Content

·      You are in control of the content when you plan a virtual event. With virtual events, content is everything! You want it to be captivating and engaging, and you get to have fun creating it! You want bright colors? You add bright colors! You want to provide fun infographics? Heck yes, add them in! Don’t limit your options!

5. Creating Connections

·      Reason #3 talks about a larger audience. Once those relationships are created, you have just opened your world up to a whole new world! You can learn about different topics that may have been foreign to you or start collaborating with fellow event planners. Working with other amazing planners can open many opportunities that may have not been possible.

Remember, not every event will be perfect! We learn from our mistakes. Virtual events may seem daunting but trust us when we say it will be a game changer. Questions? Nervous? Don’t know if it’s the right path for you? We can always help, send us a message!

The Planner Collective is a boutique event planning agency in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We support entrepreneur babes to build community and feel empowered on the daily.  We specialize in retreat/corporate event planning + virtual event planning + boss babe weddings.