5 ways to build event planning into your schedule

Let’s get real, as a business owner, it’s difficult to schedule our activities. No day is the same….but that is just an excuse we use more often than not. We allow the fires to dictate the energy we put into our day. My schedule used to be all over the place and I was stressed and unproductive. Gradually I learned that planning and following a routine makes a huge difference in how I feel and what I get done. Here are some of the things that help me manage my schedule that you may find helpful:

1. Create a routine

No matter what you are working on, create a routine. Block times for specific activities, and stick with the plan. Turn your calendar into a bunch of blocks, and put activities into those blocks. Whatever is not planned, you don't do. If you want free time, plan it.

Your routine may change through the year, but at any given time it's better to have a plan. For example, if you are working on launching a company, and need to do customer discovery, coding and hiring, then prioritize and block specific times for each activity.

2. Group time into blocks

For example, if you need to have outside meetings, block two days in your schedule that you take meetings. I do Tuesdays and Thursdays, that works best for my schedule. Do the same thing for office work, block 2 days for only office work and client work. This way you are not only creating a chunk of time for external meetings, you are also creating other blocks of time that you will be able to important work for your clients.

3. Block time for email/messenger

This is the most important tip I have for the whole post! We have so many ways to stay connected. Email/Messenger will own you unless you own it. To own your email you must avoid doing it all the time. To do that you need to schedule the time to do your email. It is absolutely a must.

4. Plan your self-care and family time

Unless you put it on the calendar, it won't get done. Well, that applies to your exercise and time with your family. Whether you go in the morning, afternoon or evening, do it three times a week or every day, put exercise time on the calendar. I have learned to make it very clear that my mornings, until 9 a.m., belong to me. It’s important to train yourself into a routine of self-care and unplugging for family time.

5. Actually manage your activities - not your time

It’s so important to actively manage your ACTIVITIES not your TIME. Time is abundant. We have enough time to do anything we want. So, are you spending your time on revenue generating activities or energy sucking activities?

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Better yet, let’s chat about building your event planning into your schedule.