Event Planning vs. Event Strategy

I get asked this question quite a bit, “What is it that The Planner Collective does?” and to be honest, I don’t mind it. I love that I get to create events along side my clients by planning and implementing strategy to make each event be impactful for its acquired audience.

Event planning and event strategy are very different and not every event planner follows the same process when creating an event. So it is very important for me to break this down for you and let you know what event planning is and how event strategy can positively impact an event.



Event Planning

  • The details

  • The nuts & bolts

  • The doing

  • The glue that holds the whole thing together


  • How many people per table?

  • What’s the decor look like?

  • How are we going to have guest check in?

  • What’s going to be the agenda for the day?

Event Strategy

  • Bigger picture

  • The backbone information

  • Setting intention

  • Creating purpose


  • How do we get people into this room?

  • Who do we want to speak to?

  • What is the messaging

  • How do we market this event?



I find myself really digging deep and asking those deeper questions; “What is your WHY?”, “Have you held an event before?”, “Who is your target audience?” I do this to create the larger picture while creating intention and purpose behind the events I create with my clients.

This right here, is what gets me excited! I absolutely love talking through strategy and finding ways to pull every idea and thought ever imaged together for the event. My secret? To have an event be super successful you really need both event planning and event strategy to bring your event to the next level.

Comment below if you have used both event planning and event strategy in the past when creating an event. If not, let us know an event you will be implementing this technique on!