Conquer Your Event Planning Self-Doubt

It is so important to note what the word ‘failure’ means to you.

Take a few seconds to notice how you feel about the word, what images are in your mind, and when you first started using the word in your vocabulary. Has the word changed over time in the meaning and expectations placed on you?  Really lean into what the word means to you right now in your life. Why are you choosing the fear of failure to control you and your future success?  


Failure. Fear. The Unkown.

I played sports when I was younger. With basketball, I shot the ball and when I missed a basket, I adjusted what worked and what didn’t, trying again and again and again until I made a basket. It truly is the saying of ‘practice makes perfect’.

I never went into a basketball game hoping to lose the game. My thought was never ‘Hey everyone, what if we lose this game?’ I would have had 10 teammates look at me with blank faces. Each game and team I played on held a unique expectations set before me.  When I played on teams that were less about winning, more about fun and learning teamwork skills, I adjusted my expectations for the team and myself. If we were playing a team who we knew would stomp us, we adjusted expectations and learned along the way. 

If you need to, take a timeout from your business and adjust.


Failure to Be Kind to Yourself

Sometimes the thought and build up of fear subconsciously dictates business decisions, holds us back and leaves us paralyzed with indecision.

Have you FELT as if you failed before?  I am guessing you were more tough on yourself than you needed to be. It’s time to be more kind to yourself and adjust along the way.   


3 Ways to Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl  

Adjust Your Inner Expectations:  It’s not easy, but necessary for success. Take a look at all you have accomplished in the past 3 months. Now, map out where you want to go in the next 3 months. This exercise will set you up for immediate success and calm your inner voice.

Practice Vulnerability: Don’t do it all perfectly, just do it. As planners, we always feel the need to have a plan and THEN start. Get out of the habit of ‘getting ready to get ready’ and just start. You will learn so much about yourself and your business as you pivot and adjust to the market.       

Love Yourself: This practice can be done by the day, hour and minute. It is all about forgiving yourself of mistakes and negative experiences. This understanding can be done through journaling, affirmations or meditation.


Conquer Your Fear of  ‘Not Good Enough’    

Living in a space of ‘I am not good enough’ is not giving you true access to your full potential as an eventrepreneuer. Developing a growth mindset of ‘I will learn from this’ will attract abundance and possibility to your business.

Just by being here, in the Collective, you have taken committed action to living a financially sustainable and passionate life for your event business.

To get you closer to your business possibility, set up a 1-on-1 breakthrough session with me to unlock your vision, uncover what is holding you and your business or career back from success AND we will devise and accountability plan to bust up old patterns that don’t serve you. 

Rooting for you,

Jess HoppComment