Connecting With Your Event Vision

How many times have you met with a potential client and walked away feeling like you had the details of the event, yet felt like there was something missing in the conversation?

It lacked a certain element….but you just couldn’t describe it.  

I can say with certainty it was the client’s VISION!

You are the keeper, guide, vessel to dive into their highest event vision. This vision holds more information than you could ever gather in an intake form or by asking guest count.

Don’t get me wrong, we as planners need those details to make an event really sing–but during the sales phase of your relationship, it is your number one job to live into their vision.

Diving into a Client’s Event Vision

The Event Experience

Every client has a BIG experience in mind for their guests. Dig deep by asking probing questions to access their dreams and event desires. When they really reveal their highest intention, then you have the ability to access the role you will play in making their vision reality.

Painting a Picture

Each event you produce has a unique vibe. No event can be replicated to feel exactly the same way, no matter how hard you try. When I worked as a Director of Events and Marketing, I would constantly receive messages of “I just attended ________ event. We should do and event like that, too!”. I wish it was that simple to recreate an event. As the planner, you need to cozy up to your client, help them paint a picture of their event so they can make it an experience all their own and trust YOU to co-create with them.

Show a Little Love

I would say 99.9% of the time I hug my clients when I first meet them. I truly feel that a warm greeting that describes you will wholeheartedly connect with your client. It will soften the mood and bring co-creation to the meeting. It should never be ‘us vs. them (client)’. Planners are the best at picking out details and making every experience memorable. So, why not your prospective client meeting, too? Bring your clients along for the ride and show them a little love!

How are you holding your client to their highest vision in the sales process? Share with me how you look to implement one of these tactics to bring your sales process to the next level.

Not sure where to start revamping your sales process? 

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