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The Power of Outcome Focusing in Your Event

How many times have you started an activity in your business….to find yourself working on something different 5 minutes later. I like to call it ‘shiny object syndrome’. You might think, ‘I only have so much TIME to work, so I need to do as MUCH AS POSSIBLE’. In working from this approach, we hinder…

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Business TipsJess Hopp
Connecting With Your Event Vision

How many times have you met with a potential client and walked away feeling like you had the details of the event, yet felt like there was something missing in the conversation? It lacked a certain element….but you just couldn’t describe it.   I can say with certainty it was the client’s VISION! You are…

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Why Isn't My Business Moving Faster?

Dear Frustrated Event Planner, I was in your shoes a year ago. I was frustrated, about to give up on entrepreneurship and tired. Tired of trying to make a ‘go’ of a business that was stalled and stuck–because I was stalled and stuck. I was in a relationship that didn’t grow/challenge/fulfill me, I moved away…

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Is Your Brand Getting Lost in the Crowd?

For many eventrepreneuers, creating a memorable brand is the exciting first step of a business. Visualizing logos and drafting business names are common first steps to any business, but is that the best first step to make a memorable brand? Creating a brand in a vacuum without knowing who your ideal client is will create…

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