17 Ways to Find Motivation to Take on Anything

I totally get it. Running an event business is tricky. One day I feel on top of the world and a few days later, I don’t want to leave the couch because…well…netflix?

The joy of running my own event business is that I have the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime and have a sustainable income working with people who bring my life JOY. Most of my feelings of motivations are internal conflicts with myself. But there are quick tricks I use to kick-start my productive side to get things accomplished. 

I always try to dig deep and assess why I am not complete tasks, but sometimes–I just need to do it. 

Here are my 17 quick ways to power up my motivation bug to get anything accomplished in my business!

  1. Treat yo’ self. I give myself a reward when I compete a task. It could be watching tv, ice cream or a 30 minute walk.

  2. Talk it out. It is always so motivating to talk with others and hear how they are conquering the world.

  3. Get zen. Take 5 minutes for a guided meditation podcast or youtube video.

  4. Walk it out. Take a walk around the block, office or house.

  5. Grab a drink. Drink a TALL glass of water.

  6. Brainstorm Session! Take a 5 minute brainstorm session on a totally different topic to get your brain ready to work.

  7. Ask ‘why’ four times. Why am I procrastinating? This question will trigger a deeper reason why your blog REALLY isn’t getting written.

  8. Seek advice. If you are REALLY stuck in your business, it’s time to get a third party involved who only wants you to thrive.

  9. Start a routine. Wanna get better about consistency? Start a routine every morning and build upon your successes.

  10. Block it out. Block your calendar in hour segments to work on projects and big ideas.

  11. Break it down. Is the project too big or overwhelming? Break it down into all the tasks you need to accomplish.  

  12. Zone it out. Put your devices on silent, airplane mode or put in a separate room to cut down on the amount of dings and buzzes that distract you.

  13. Gratitude is beautiful. Create a gratitude jar and write one thing you are thankful for everyday, then drop it in the jar. Watch your life fill with beauty quickly!

  14. Just start. It might not be perfect, but starting is half the battle. You will adjust, reassess and grow throughout the process.

  15. Share your vision. If you are keeping your big dreams ‘mum’ it will be hard to accomplish them…or even start!

  16. Be gentle. It’s okay to want big things for your business, but be gentle with yourself. Building a business takes time and is an adventure.

  17. Join a community! It’s so important to have others support you and back you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Are you part of a community to help you be your best planner self E V E R Y D A Y?

What ways do you find motivation in your day? Share below!