How To Get Event Ideas Off The Ground

I have enjoyed watching the evolution of events over the years and how themes and common locations have changed. However, the foundation or the basics of how to build an event hasn't changed even though we get more into technology and providing a high level experience for the attendees. We are going to chat about the foundation of events and dig deep into those deeper questions known as the origin of the event.

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The Power of Outcome Focusing in Your Event

How many times have you started an activity in your business….to find yourself working on something different 5 minutes later. I like to call it ‘shiny object syndrome’. You might think, ‘I only have so much TIME to work, so I need to do as MUCH AS POSSIBLE’. In working from this approach, we hinder…

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Business TipsJess Hopp
Practice Stress Free Productivity For Your Event

Let’s be honest. We are always connected. Sometimes it just stresses me out thinking about all the ways someone can connect with me. But that means our ‘work stuff’ meshes with our ‘life stuff’ and the boundaries aren’t clear. My dad told me something the other day that really resonated with me. He is a…

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Self CareJess Hopp
Connecting With Your Event Vision

How many times have you met with a potential client and walked away feeling like you had the details of the event, yet felt like there was something missing in the conversation? It lacked a certain element….but you just couldn’t describe it.   I can say with certainty it was the client’s VISION! You are…

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Conquer Your Event Planning Self-Doubt

It is so important to note what the word ‘failure’ means to you. Take a few seconds to notice how you feel about the word, what images are in your mind, and when you first started using the word in your vocabulary. Has the word changed over time in the meaning and expectations placed on…

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Why Isn't My Business Moving Faster?

Dear Frustrated Event Planner, I was in your shoes a year ago. I was frustrated, about to give up on entrepreneurship and tired. Tired of trying to make a ‘go’ of a business that was stalled and stuck–because I was stalled and stuck. I was in a relationship that didn’t grow/challenge/fulfill me, I moved away…

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Six Ways To Be an ‘In Demand’ Planner

Ever wonder how fellow Planners are ‘in demand’ and others aren’t? It isn’t because they have the perfect pricing or the highest converting website. The secret to their success isn’t the outer game, it’s all the inner game. The successful planners buck the comparison game, set the standard and accept their business expectations and themselves…

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