‘Give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack. You are doing big things, but you can’t do all the things by yourself.’ Jess Hopp, Founder

Our Story

The Planner Collective is a boutique event company, initially created to support + educate event planners in their journey of a profession that rewards non-stop hustle but forgets to see the authentic, intentional and human side of event planning work.

We quickly found that event planning with strategy + intention was (is) in short supply. Coaches and online educators started reaching out to gain support around planning in-person retreats and conferences. Our ability to plan events with strategy + intention + purpose gives businesses the ability to gain financial success, community and awareness.

The next leap forward in event planning services is our newest service of virtual/online event planning with online webinars, e-courses, and virtual summits. Online events require sound marketing strategy + intentional implementation. We created this service because online events requires a team! Launching an online program usually leads to burnout or the feeling of failure. We hold your vision and build an active, online community with intentional copy and behind the scenes support.

The Mission of The Planner Collective

  • Support individuals to build their vision without burnout or hustle

  • Hold space to live in alignment with their values and internal desires

  • Be a catalyst for change through the power of events

We are more than an event planning company. We hold your vision. We truly co-create with you. We can’t wait to connect.


I’m Jess Hopp

Hey babe! I am Jess. I love tulips, spending the day on a beach reading a book, watching Netflix, discovering the best donut shop and creating a dance party at a moments notice.

Wanna plan an event? Cool! I love talking events…all. the. time.

My event planning clocks in well over 10,000 hours. But that’s not what motives me to serve you. I have 10+ years of professional event planning and management experience as well as direct event leadership experience in non-profit, healthcare, higher education and corporate organizations. But that doesn’t mean much.

My true enjoyment comes from empowering women to find a community and gain support when they need it most.

'Go fast, go alone. Go far, go together.’




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